The Salazar home is an amazing example of how professional home staging can bring a space to life. Florida Coast Staging Company utilized a warm color palette in the Salazar home making it feel inviting and ready for company. With the double living rooms and dining areas, this home is perfect for entertaining. Highlighting how the home is ready for friends and family, shows home buyers how the house could be their home.

Salazar Home Staging
This home was built for entertaining! It was important to highlight the functionality of the space and make it inviting. Michelle Moss chose a warm color pallet of oranges, greens and browns to go with the wall colors, flooring and kitchen tile.
Reliance Realty Services
2 Bathrooms
Transformed an empty house into a home ready for company.

Color Palette

It all begins with a color palette. Choosing three main colors and a few accenting colors sets the tone and feel of the space. The main colors should flow throughout the house. 


The details are what transform a “nice” into a “Wow!” Michelle Moss includes thoughtful details in each project to infuse the house with life and character. 

  • Far far away, behind the word
  • Semantics, a large language ocean
  • Question Marks and devious


Home buyers can distinguish quality from substandard. Florida Coast Staging uses a variety of new, gently used and repurposed pieces in each project adding depth and variety. 

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